About Us

We focus on offering turnkey solutions to small businesses and individuals. A full spectrum of services is available, from providing you with a proper logo, branding, and identity to consulting about the platform, content and organization of your website, server management, maintenance and hosting migration, designing the website and additional services, production of promotional material, content production, copywriting, and development for over a dozen popular content management platforms (including but not limited to: WordPress, CMS Made Simple, PrestaShop (e-commerce), Drupal, phpBB, Simple Machines Forums, Movable Type, eZ Publish, and TextPattern), and we are quite experienced with Facebook application development and building mobile web sites.

WordPress Experts


Pixelita Designs is an official WordPress consultant and has been designing for and working with WordPress since April 2004. Since then, we’ve developed nearly 100 WordPress-driven sites and released over a dozen free themes to the WordPress community.

Not Just WordPress


Pixelita Designs has experience designing for and developing a wide variety of CMSs, including Movable Type, TextPattern, CMS Made Simple, Get Simple CMS, Gelato, Chyrp, Drupal, Expression Engine, PixelPost, and Simple Machines Forum, to name a few.