Top Five Things That Make Me Leave…

your web site. Ironically enough, it’s not a web page or even a plugin that inspired this post, but a FaceBook app. (Birthday Card, should you wonder.) I just won’t tolerate that behavior, it’s beyond sloppy coding and goes to bad manners. There’s no doubt in my mind that web designers (and FB programmers) who engage in this behavior probably not only pick their noses but likely also ingest the products of that nasal navigation. But I digress. Scandal said it best back in 1982:



1. Play loud, obnoxious heavy metal music on page load. Now, I am a child of the 80s, and my favorite bands include Great White, Guns N Roses, AC-DC and the like. But I might not be surfing from the comfort of my bedroom. Imposing your musical tastes on me (or on my co-workers around me if I happen to be surfing from work) … Is. Not. Cool. Period.

2. Hijack my browser’s back button or my mouse cursor. Those things belong to ME, not you. And especially with regard to the browser’s back button? Remember, some people might be using a text-reader or a handheld device. So you’ve just yanked the rug right out from under them with this stunt. Nice move.

3. Use absolute font sizes so that if I’m unlucky enough to be using a browser like IE6 (which I am forced to do while I’m at the office), I can’t zoom the text. I’d even forgive you if you provided a JavaScript based font resizing tool. But bottom line is CSS has been around a long time, and the web is not the printed page.

4. Fail to declare a background color (if your text/background scheme is something other than dark text on a light background). It renders your page illegible and me insane. Stop it, stop it right now. If you run your CSS through a validator (and you better be!), it will catch these kinds of errors. And as I said before, if you are using traditional dark text on a light background, you don’t have to worry about it so much. (But if you are anal, like me, and want your CSS to validate, you will anyway.) :)

5. Bombard me with pop-up ads and flyins. If I didn’t buy it before, that’s not going to make me whip my credit card out. It’s going to make me hunt for that back button. Oh, wait. You’ve disabled that! I’m always amazed at the places where I see such flyin ads. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the equivalent of a man forcing my head down, know what I mean? And THAT, guys (and girls) is NOT nice.

Joni Mueller has been designing web sites for hire since 2003, when she first blew up her web host's server by insisting on running Greymatter. Since then, Joni has designed for Blogger and Movable Type, TextPattern, WordPress and CMS Made Simple. She lives with her cat and shoe collection in a bucolic old section of Houston called Idylwood. For some strange reason, Joni likes to refer to herself in the third person. When she's not working on web design, she's ordering lawyers around. And blogging about it. Or both.

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