Top Five Ways To Get “UnFollowed” On Twitter


At least with me.

  1. Having No Avatar — If you can’t be bothered to put some semblance of your essence up on Twitter, what do you have to offer me? Remember, Twitter is all about what you can do for those who follow you.
  2. Having Sketchy or No Profile Info — This goes hand in hand with No. 1. It’s basically just laziness. Just like with LinkedIn, I’m very selective about whom I follow. They have to have something in common with me, share a common interest. And I’m not going to be able to figure that out if you have no profile info, now, am I?
  3. Live Tweeting Sporting Events — I can’t get to that Block button fast enough when a bunch of Tweeps start twittering blow by blows of sporting events. My husband is a sports nut. If I want to know what’s going on, I’ll either watch the event on TV or ask him. Flooding my Twitter box every two seconds with this drivel turns me off faster than bad breath (no matter how great a kisser you might be).
  4. Twegging (Begging) for Floats, Diggs and Other Tweet-Ho Behavior — It’s like telling someone how smart you are. If you’re really that smart, you don’t have to advertise it. If I read your post and deem it worthy of being dugg, floated, technoratied or otherwise promoted, I’ll promote it. This behavior practically ensures that not only will I NOT digg or float it, but I probably won’t even bother to read it. And to use another sex analogy, it’s like forcing my head down. I DON’T LIKE IT!
  5. Thanking New Followers And Begging for Followers to Get You to Some Milestone Number — This isn’t Facebook, folks. And even on Facebook, I don’t “friend” every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along. I’m selective about who I follow, and just because you follow me doesn’t mean I will follow you. In fact, if I don’t like what you are about (or, with regard to Items 1 and 2 above, can’t figure out what you are about), I may just block you. No hard feelings, just the way I roll.
Joni Mueller has been designing web sites for hire since 2003, when she first blew up her web host's server by insisting on running Greymatter. Since then, Joni has designed for Blogger and Movable Type, TextPattern, WordPress and CMS Made Simple. She lives with her cat and shoe collection in a bucolic old section of Houston called Idylwood. For some strange reason, Joni likes to refer to herself in the third person. When she's not working on web design, she's ordering lawyers around. And blogging about it. Or both.

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