10 Beautiful WordPress HOA and Civic Club Web Sites


Homeowners associations (HOAs) and civic clubs serve a narrow but important purpose. They inform their residents of rules and regulations of their community, but also act as more than that. They can be sounding boards for community issues, and a social gathering place, a virtual “back fence” as it were. We are showcasing ten beautiful HOA or civic club sites running on WordPress. Enjoy.

Ten Alternative Free Stock Photo Sites Creatives Will Love


Tired of the ho-hum (and somewhat costly) offerings at stock photo repositories such as iStockPhoto, Getty Images, and the like? Here are some lesser-known alternatives. Little Visuals This U.K. web site offers up a subscription-based platter of seven high resolution photos each week. Just sign up and subscribe to Little Visuals in your email inbox. […]

If Code Could Talk … Oh, Wait …


As most of you already know, programmers are a funny kind of wild animal. No one really understands them. Things that make perfect sense for them don’t for anyone else. But they are a necessity. However, the biggest problem you might have is when you need to replace one with another.

10 Instagram Users Who Will Make Your Creative Juices Flow


A few years ago people with smartphones were considered anti-social geeks. Now, most of us spend more time looking at a screen than doing anything else. So, if you are already looking, why not inspire yourself a little bit. P.S.- I made this… (DIY stuff) The Design Files (Interior design) Love Food (Delicious desserts) Laura […]

5 TED Talks For Designers


This year TED¬†turns 30. For those of you who didn’t pay attention in class, TED (technology, education, design) is a global conference (now actually a few of them), where the most amazing minds of humanity share their ideas in a short and effective form of 18-minute (or less) talks.