Maintenance Packages

You Just Thought You Were Rid of Us!

After we build your web site, we don’t just dance away, like a slimy used car salesman. We stick around and offer all our design clients 30 days of free tech support on our unaltered files, up to 10 hours (a $750 value). But what happens when the clock runs out on that tech support? Never fear. You can purchase our time for anything you want, at a deep discount, using our Service Credits. But you can also purchase standard web site maintenance packages, in two flavors, and three time frames.

Backups are done incrementally on a weekly basis. This includes the SQL database if applicable (requires cPanel/hosting account access). Use our ticketing system to request a maintenance task from us.

Turnaround time on site updates is usually 48 hours, often sooner. Just ask us if you aren’t sure it’s something we can do. As we said, unless it’s graphic artwork (which is NOT covered by our maintenance plans), it’s a good bet we can do it for you.

All security upgrades are included in both of these packages. No matter when they occur, you are guaranteed that your web site will be kept up to date as new releases of your CMS are issued.

Package No. 1 gets you two hours per month at our standard rate of $75/hour. Want to save money or have more than a couple of hours’ worth of work for us each month? Package No. 2 allows you five hours per month, at a discounted rate of $65/hour.