Service Credits

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for help troubleshooting a WordPress issue or just fixing up someone’s existing site. While we enjoy creating web sites from scratch, we also love helping people with their existing web sites, even if we didn’t create them. So we are now offering a new feature called Service Credits.

In a nutshell, Service Credits are like cellphone minutes. You purchase blocks of our time which are good for one year from date of purchase. With those Service Credits, you can ask us to upgrade any scripts or programs your site is using, install and configure new plugins and modules, backup your site and/or databases, troubleshoot any problems you are having, and add and update your site’s content. Unlike cellphone minutes, you can roll the credits over from month to month, but bear in mind they do expire one year from date of purchase.

If you just need some tweaking done to your existing site or need us to troubleshoot a problem, upgrade a script or some other type of work, why don’t you think about purchasing Service Credits? Has your site been hacked and you need someone to fix it? Plugin misbehaving and you need someone to troubleshoot and fix it? Service credits are prepaid and we bill against your balance until it is exhausted. Unlike your cellphone minutes, you can carry over Service Credits from month to month and they expire after one year. The more Service Credits you buy at once, the bigger a discount you receive.

note: Graphic Art Services are specifically excluded from the list of items covered by Service Credits. Due to the nature of graphic art services, those will be contracted as our other services are, with a proposal and quote for specific design services.

Service Credits Are For You If You…

  • Have an established web site but just need minor updates on a regular basis
  • Have a specific problem or issue that needs troubleshooting
  • Don’t want to obligate yourself to a quarterly, annual or semi-annual maintenance contract, but want to have your site’s scripts updated when new releases are available
  • Require regular, monthly updates to content along with minor template edits or other site changes

How Do Service Credits Work?

  • Easy. You purchase the number of Service Credits that your budget allows or that you think you’ll use in a year’s time.
  • Contact us with your job requirements and we’ll give you a time estimate as best we can. If it’s a troubleshooting matter, there’s no guarantee how easy the problem will be to solve. For tasks such as adding content or updating a site, the quote can be accurate within minutes and dollars.
  • We bill against your Service Credit Balance and when that particular project is done you will receive an invoice showing the work done, the amount of hours/service credits used, the balance of service credits still available for use, and the date they expire.

Remember, the more service credits you purchase at once the better price break (and more of our time) you’ll receive. Service credits expire one year from purchase and are NOT REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

What Packages Do You Offer?

Use the chart below to decide the best package for your needs.

Service Hours »1 Hour5 Hours10 Hours15 Hours20 Hours