Pixelita Designs

Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, there existed a small boutique web design studio called Pixelita Designs. Founded in 2006 by the talented duo Joni Mueller and Ivan Minic, Pixelita Designs quickly made a name for itself in the world of web design.

Joni and Ivan had a unique vision for their studio. They believed in the power of minimalist design, where simplicity and elegance could convey a message more effectively than any flashy graphics or complex layouts. Their focus was to provide tailored solutions for clients and offer free resources for the ever-growing WordPress community.

From the earliest days of the WordPress platform, Joni and Ivan recognized its potential and became pioneers in harnessing its capabilities. They saw an opportunity to assist fellow WordPress users by creating free resources that would make their websites stand out. Their expertise and generosity earned them the admiration and respect of the WordPress community.

Pixelita Designs’ reputation grew steadily, and we have had a pleasure of working with clients from various industries and from all over the globe in the past to decades. Our portfolio of services grew, and we focused on providing clients with all-round service for their tech and design needs.

In the last couple of years studio has been taking less work, and since Joni’s passing in 2021. it has been inactive. Ivan is still active with his home team – Simplicity, in Europe.


Being around and up close and personal with WordPress since 2006. gave us extensive experience and knowledge with the platform throughout it’s development stages during the past almost two decades.

We focus on providing the following services:

  • Custom theme development: We design and create unique and visually appealing themes tailored to your specifications.
  • Plugin development: Our experts build powerful plugins to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website.
  • Advanced coding and support: We offer advanced coding solutions and comprehensive support to ensure smooth operations.
  • WordPress performance optimisation – for high traffic websites and for SEO purposes.
  • WordPress malware removal and hardening – set of┬áservices to safeguard your WordPress website against malware attacks and strengthen its security. Our dedicated team is skilled in identifying and removing malware from your website, ensuring its smooth operation and protecting your valuable data. Additionally, we provide comprehensive hardening measures to fortify your WordPress installation against potential vulnerabilities, keeping hackers at bay.
  • E-commerce solutions: We develop robust and scalable online stores using Woocommerce, enabling you to sell products and services efficiently.

Get in touch:

If you are here, then you must be eager to meet us and work with us. You see, we have been working really hard, and long, to get the reputation we have, and we love that you noticed.

Unfortunately since Joni’s passing in 2021. we have been inactive as a studio.

However, if you are still interested in working with us, got recommendations or simply found us and like what you see, feel free to e-mail us at hello@pixelita.com where Ivan will reply and continue from there.

Even though he works mostly European time, he can always jump on a call when it is convenient for you since many of his current clients are US and Canada based.

Thank you for considering us for your next project, we will not disappoint!

p.s. Do check our partners’ website – Simplicity, Ivan has been working together with then for years and can only recommend contacting them as well.

In loving memory of Joni Mueller (1958-2021), a dear friend, partner and colleague.
Pixelita Designs – all rights reserved 2006. and beyond.